Rome International Festival Orchestra (RIFO) toured in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Rumania, Turkey, Israel, United States, and performs permanently at the Rome Auditorium.
RIFO was founded in 1978 involving talented musicians graduated at the Musical High Education Institutions and Musical Academies in Rome, Berlin, Bucharest and Kishinev.
As part of the "European Symphony Orchestra", RIFO performed with internationally renowned artists like Placido Domingo, José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti, Teresa Berganza, Bernard Soustrot in the most prestigious European concert halls.
The extended repertoire, which includes a wide range of genres, from pre-classic to contemporary authors, offers the possibility to collaborate with very important musicians like Giovanni Bellanti, Sonia Ridondo, Francesca Palombo, Caterina De Biase, and many others. The orchestra is often invited to perform world's premiéres.
RIFO promotes interaction in the musical and social fabric of Roma and Italy in general. Special concerts and dress rehearsals are reserved for Third Sector associations and students, part of the educational series "A Journey into the History of Music", which more than one thousand young people take part in each year. Various initiatives involving organisations such as Caritas, the Young Offendersí Institute and local prisons have been established.
RIFO has also created a project which links music and welfare, which organises activities led by music therapists and musical game workshops run by musicians from the Orchestra.
RIFO made a large number of recordings. Recently, the CD of Tartini's Concertos won the 2009 National Prize for a Classical Music Disc.

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